Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome Home, Me!

I have been out of town for several days, and before that I was so busy that I felt like I wasn't home (i.e., not able to do fun stuff like sewing). I am sooo happy to be back to my own house, and soon I'll have some free time to sleep, read, and sew. Wheeeee!

Actually, I had some good reading time while I was away. I was here:

Isn't it beautiful?? It was cool and rainy most of the time, but one day we were able to sit on the deck and read. Also I knitted baby booties. My friend and I made 15 pairs! They are for Bundles of Love.

I am reading a book that is 647 pages long, and I made it to about 355 which was beyond my goal of reaching page 300. So I have only 292 pages left. I think the book gods should give me credit for two or three books.

I am sort of working backwards. We also went to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River. I have been there many times, and this is the first time I have ever seen the water this high. The "shallow" place where one can wade across the river was thigh deep, so I didn't bother to go all the way across. It was cold and rainy. The rocks area seemed treacherous, but still there were young people running blithely across.

Our lake is higher than I have ever seen it, too. On our last day there I went for a morning swim. Outside air temp was 60 deg F, and there was a soft rain. After a cold spring and 2-3 days of rain just before my swim, that lake was freezing cold. Took my breath away! It's not a very deep lake and often becomes quite warm during the summer. So far it is not even close to warm! Brrr! After cautiously getting wet head to toe, I stayed in for about 45 seconds.

A friend and I visited umpteen quilt shops and a discount fabric store. I bought more than I meant to! (What can I say, it was fabric.) Also hit two bookstores. Two of my favorite kinds of shops... the third would be a chocolate factory, I guess.

In the last week I've eaten out a lot. Had key lime pie at one place (yum) and banana cream pie at another (also yum). Drove over 500 miles this week.

Now I'm pooped!

Soon I'll show you the quilt show pictures, I promise.


Unknown said...

sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post to read. I recognized the porch! The booties are so sweet. I can just imagine a litle tyke in a pair. And the pie . . . give me pie instead of cake any time! Wow! The water was high at the headwaters. If I tried to cross on those wet rocks, I'd lose my other knee, too. Welcome home.