Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minnesota Quilt Show 2011

I have been super busy with some company at my house, a quilt show to attend, and a home party to host. It has been a lot of fun, so I'm not complaining.

Two friends from California are in town, and the three of us went to the Minnesota Quilt Show on Thursday. The quilts were!! I took a zillion pictures, and when I get more time next week I'll show you some of them.

For now you get to gaze upon the beautiful visages of some of my guild members. I like to take pictures of the guild members I see while at the quilt show.

At lunch time we came upon this cool thing. It must have been members of Minnesota Opera. They were acting out some opera scene and singing beautifully in Italian.

Watch for some gorgeous quilt pictures some time next week.


AnnieO said...

You look happy--but I don't think any quilter could be sad when surrounded by quilts and guild friends! Looking forward to pics of the beautiful work.

Angie said...

Thank you so much for responding to my post on my blog. I absolutely thing that this young lady would adore a quilt made just for her. That is amazing that you all do that for people with Luekemia. I think that Taylor would love it! :) She has been traveling to Cosair's Childrens Hospital and that is something she could put in the car for her trips. :) If you want to email me I have her address or however you want to do this you just let me know. God Bless you.


Angie said...

Sorry, should have added my email address. LOL steeleangiemcc(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you. :)