Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Quilts and Books

Two of my loves: quilts and books. I finished two quilts this week and have continued to race through some good books.

The most recent book I read is The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. I needed a book by a "q" author, and I chose this from a bookstore at which I had a coupon. It was a super fast read, touching, and captivating. I couldn't put it down! I read it in most of a day and finished it this morning. It's about a young man who has suffered from some serious mental illness and is trying to re-adjust to his life after being hospitalized. Very interesting story, with likeable and believable characters. Gets an A+ from me. I try to keep my Shelfari list up to date (in the sidebar). If you see any books there that you are curious about, just ask, and I will try to give you some useful feedback.

Then I finished two UFOs. UFO #18 is a quilt for my nephew, only one year late (almost exactly). It was promised to him for a high school graduation gift, but took a year to be quilted and bound. My bad. Now that it has been in the 100s outside, his quilt is ready!

I made it really long for my tall nephew.

The next one, UFO #19, has also taken me way longer than it needed to. The blocks were sent to me by Lisa of Central Ohio Binky Patrol. I don't want to even figure out how long I sat on the blocks and then how long I had the top assembled before getting it quilted. This will go to a foster child somewhere in Ohio.

Diane fell in love with these blocks while quilting the top, and says she thinks there are several vintage fabrics here.

My friend, Diane, offered to quilt some charity quilts for me, and this one for Ohio is one that she did for free. She quilts beautifully, and I am grateful that she took on some of my tops that had been overwhelming me. My friends keep me afloat!


Sarah said...

Another great string block setting. I bet it would also work with a busy print.

AnnieO said...

I have a habit of giving people quilts on the hottest day of the year too! Your nephew will love it. I like the second quilt a lot too! Lots of nice open space to show off the great quilting Diane did.

amandajg said...

I love the setting of the scrappy blocks, both the blocks and the quilting shows so well.
Auckland, New Zealand