Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Commercial Makes Me Happy

Here is something that makes me happy: a Celebrex commercial. Who knew?!

It’s not the words and not the commercial itself… it’s the DOG! You know the commercial where the man comes out of a beach house with his dog and a frisbee, and they go walking along the beach? Ignore everything about the commercial except the dog. Watch that dog and his cute, wagging tail. He is the happiest dog! Watch to the very end. That wagging tail is going to leave a big smile on your face, I guarantee!


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Love this! I always feel sad for the poor forlorn pup that isn't taken for walks because the owner has depression in the "Who Does Depression Hurt?" advertisement.

Unknown said...

I love this too. we have a neighbour who never ever walks their dog. Yes, dogs get depressed too!