Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love People

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1. If you want a wonderful career, consider working in Special Ed. I did some more subbing today, and got more little tugs on my heart strings. I love Special Ed kids! They are full of quirks and challenges and can even be annoying, but when you see past that and learn a little about their background, you can't help but love them. Even though I'm retired, I still feel lucky and blessed to get this little touch of love when I do my occasional jobs.

2. J. helped me see how comforting this subbing is for me, after a couple of tough years in the end of my career... this is just what I needed. Thanks for helping me see that today, J.

3. I love people who quietly go about helping others. No fan-fare, no trumpets sounding, just big hearts helping someone in need.

4. I love happy-ending stories that are answers to prayer. Gives a person goose-bumps. God loves us!


Unknown said...

you are good at what you do! SSP works very hard at accomodating everyone!

Julie Sharer said...

My pleasure to bring a little joy to someone with such a generous, caring heart! Love you, my friend!