Sunday, January 02, 2011

Finally Some Sewing!

I actually have some sewing to show! It has been a while since I was interested in sitting down at the sewing machine. I don't know what brought on my major burnout, but I'm just dealing with it, and letting time take care of my interests.

This is my 4 January blocks for Block Lotto. I like these! They remind me of stacks of books. And I do love stacks of books!

This quilt was started a long time ago, maybe three years. My daughter picked out the fabric, and I made it for her. There was a mistake, which took me a year to fix. Then it took me another year to put on the border. And another year to get it to the machine quilter. My quilter, Diane, did a gorgeous job, and my daughter is thrilled with it and is excited that it's finally done. It has wool batting and flannel backing, so it's very warm and wonderful.

I'm still knitting, of course. I made these two hats. I love how the top ended up on this stripey one. It's the first time I took the hat off the circular needles and finished it with double pointeds; the top turned out cute thanks to that process -- and the stripey-ness of the yarn, too, of course.

So far 2011 has been cold, and I've been mostly staying home and staying warm. Tomorrow everyone goes back to work, and the new year officially gets underway. I will work on getting used to writing the new date, 2011. It doesn't seem possible that we are that far into the 2000's already!


sophie said...

I keep thinking the lotto blocks look like stacks of books, too ;-)

I love your hats. I started knitting a couple days before Christmas--I think I needed it to be COLD enough ;-)

Bebesboutique said...

The lotto blocks are so bright and fun looking. Just like my books.

the quilt you made for your daughter is beautiful and she looks like she loves it too.

I learned the basics to knit in home ec in high school, never could do anything more than back and forth and not very good at that. I can croquet but not knit. I really like your hats.

Pattilou said...

Those blocks are cute--havent' gotten to mine yet.

The quilting on the new/old quilt for your daughter is so well done. Of course with the wool batting and flannel backing it is just in time for this very cold winter!