Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Book Banning and Editing

How topical.. I just posted about reading Tom Sawyer (here), and now the news tells about a version of Huck Finn that has been produced, editing out the n-word. (I'll bet Twain is spinning in his grave.) Twain is a great story-teller! The characters show the culture and society's mores of the time. Readers can see Tom and Huck befriending everyone.. people from various strata of their society. In addition, I trust readers -- they are smart! Teachers certainly are smart enough to guide a thoughtful discussion! I actually thought the jolt of that word was a good thought provoker as I read Tom Sawyer, putting me in the context of the times and learning from it.

I wish I could sub again in the class that spurred me into reading Tom Sawyer, but they have a more regular sub ensconced in there, so I guess I'll miss out on the great discussion, at least in that classroom.

I heart books!


Unknown said...

I am pretty sure you can come in and partake in the discussion!

Melissa Kaye said...

I heart books too! And miss chatting with you! Hopefully I can make it on the 18th!

Twisted Quilts said...

I heart books too.

Nancy said...

Language is always evolving. The beauty of literature is in the words and how they reflect the time period. If people understood the language used by Chaucer and Shakespeare, I am sure their works would be edited or banned, too.

If anything needs to be edited in today's society it is music. Parents would do more than blush if they heard the lyrics of the songs their children have on their mp3 players.