Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kindle Cover #2

I made another one. I said I was going to "perfect the design," but I did almost nothing different. I kept trying different things and then ripping them out. I must have ripped every seam 400 times. In the end, I went with what worked the first time.

This time the button is a pin showing a map of Panama.

This inside fabric is so classy and gorgeous. Doesn't match the tone of the cover fabric, but isn't the surprise nice?


sophie said...

Maybe, as it turns out, it was "perfect" the first time ;-)

I have been knitting the same fingerless mitts over and over and perfecting the sizing/pattern. I feel a little like Goldilocks in the story of the 3 Bears and I make them slimmer, but too long, smaller, but still not quite right, X-small--which were actually for a friend, but helped me work out the sizing for the pair I am knitting now and expect to be "Just Right" ;-)

sophie said...

Ps. I think the interior fabric is a beautiful surprise and love your "buttons" on these.

Anonymous said...

This one has the joyful spirit that reminds me of your son & his wife. Love it.

Unknown said...

I have a friend who is getting one. must be male though. I made computer covers last week...yeah you need the kindle beside you to get it perfect.
Love it!

Anonymous said...

I like both covers. The buttons are fun!

AnnieO said...

Pretty! Love the Panama button.

Jan Mac said...

I love the fabric surprise inside too. I think we try to be too matchy-matchy at times. It's a fun project and now you get to read a book too! A fun project is always a good way to take a break from larger ones like quilts.
Hugs Jan Mac