Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lots of Fun, a Little Frustration

This weekend I had very few obligations, and I chose to spend most of my time sewing. It felt great and was a productive weekend!

It's fun to sit at the machine and create. I love the magic of fabric and scraps being turned into something beautiful and useful. So I quite enjoyed my time at the machine.

I did a bit of machine quilting, and that was a big, fat frustration. I really struggle with free motion quilting and have almost decided to give it up for good. I'll stick with walking-foot straight lines and stitch-in-the-ditch. It's a little boring, but at least I can get it done, and it serves the purpose of getting a top quilted. I've about decided... anything bigger than a medium size wall hanging gets good old walking foot quilting from me.

I'd had my machine repaired since I quilted last, and I was hoping the repair would help make machine quilting a breeze. No such luck.

Piecing and creating are still a big joy, so I'll stick with what I love and what works without the hassles. Thank goodness for alternatives! (I'll be keeping my professional quilter busy.)

This was an almost-done project; I just had to add the binding.

This shows the backing fabric... one of those state flower fabrics from way back when.

another almost-done quilt that needed binding

This is the backing fabric which I totally LOVE.

I noticed that Clare at Quilts 4 Leukemia had made a few more tops, and that jogged my memory -- I had intended to send her some Love blocks. They're late, but here they are. I had fun making these!

While I was at it, I made a couple funky red/white blocks to send to Clare with the above Love blocks.

Here is a funky house.. I love making these. I'm going to start a collection for my own funky house quilt.


Unknown said...

you were busy busy!

Pattilou said...

Piecing is your forte! You do such great improv pieces and I love the tops (and blocks) you put together--so don't sweat the small stuff. Life is too short and you're doing what you love! That's a win, win in my book! Congrats on sticking to your guns and doing what YOU love!

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

Wow. You got lots done. I especially like the first quilt pictured in your post. Sorry about your machine not cooperating. Yes, do what you love!! Your work shows the love.

Nancy said...

Great job on the quilts and the blocks.

I like stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. I think some quilt designs actually get "lost" in all the fancy quilting.

fialka012 said...


Unknown said...

Did you wear gloves? You know the quilting gloves? I can't do any free motion without wearing them.
Makes a huge difference!I love seeing the backings as sometimes that just makes the quilt!
You sure don't have trouble with the piecing part of this craft.