Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hats! Books! Joy!

I continue to knit hats. They're so quick, and it's fun to have a project done in a short time. Here are my latest:

I kinda dig the way the tops turn out.

not crazy about the little red blob at the top; live and learn

this one is pink, in case the color confuses you

for scale, to see how tiny that preemie hat is

I am going to give some away, and I want to create a stockpile of hats for future gifts/give-aways. Such fun!

Tonight book group met (whee). We used to meet weekly, but now we switched to monthly. It is better! We had more participants tonight, and it's fun (joyful) with more people in the discussion. The book we read for tonight was The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I admit that I didn't get into it much at first, so I set it aside. Then on Sunday and Monday I had to speed-read in order to be ready for tonight's discussion. Speed-reading (as I define it) is not the best way to truly experience a book. So I can't give an authentic report on this one. A few people in the group loved it and called it fabulous. I didn't, but... who knows what I would have thought with a more careful reading.

For my own joyful reading I picked up Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat. It is engrossing, and I have had my nose in it whenever I could through most of today. I should finish it tomorrow if I don't have to work.

So stay tuned to see more hats, hopefully some mittens, and more book reports! I know. Hard to contain the excitement. I think you can do it if you try.


Unknown said...

I often wonder about the little bumps on hats...maybe put a pom pom on top???

floribunda said...

I love your hats -- I've been on a hat-knitting spree, too. Is there a pattern online for your striped hats with the ridges? very cute! I think I'm down to the last two and then maybe I'll finish a couple of sweaters I've started...

Anonymous said...

I love the hats you're knitting. They make me smile to see them. Wow! The difference in size to the preemie is amazing, isn't it? Love the colors you're using. Happy hats!

Unknown said...

I love the hats! I'm knitting fingerless mitts, even managed to figure out the thumbs which my girls will love.
I might even do a pair for the grandson with individual tastes.
Are you just making them up from your head?