Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break: Day Four

I stayed home most of the day on Tuesday and sewed. I got this quilt top assembled. It is a Liberated Log Cabin top. It needs to be completed by late May; I feel good about getting this much done, with plenty of time to work on getting it quilted. I photographed it outside, but it was very windy, and I was afraid the top would snag on the twigs while it jounced around in the breeze. So here's the "still life" view from inside.

I will have to figure out who is going to quilt this and when. It could be me, although I'm not entirely comfortable quilting one this big. Maybe I should challenge myself to do it and see how it goes.

These blocks were done a long time ago and just needed to be put together. I like how they look together! I think I am going to make this one into a quillow.

I must confess that I did not clean the refrigerator, but I did clean the kitchen, and I made a new recipe for dinner -- Mexican chicken -- which was quite tasty.

Daughter and I went shopping Tuesday night, and she got a couple of cute dresses. I just looked like a whale and felt very uninspired by everything I tried on. Waah! It's not fun clothes-shopping when all the cute stuff is 87 sizes too small.

After shopping we watched "Miss Congeniality" together (and both worked on knitting while watching). I know it's a tad old, but I had never seen it. Sandra Bullock sure is a cutie. I kinda like her as her bumbling self better than as a serious, high-society self like she played in "Blind Side." I don't know. Do you think that's just because I'm used to her in that role? Maybe she was type-cast too many times, and I'm not letting her stretch her wings.

On to Wednesday... the week is going too fast, as usual. They say it'll get up to 79 deg F! Yikes. That is almost HOT!


Unknown said...

Not hot...just humidity! I am loving it!

Iklan Sabun said...


Shevvy said...

Love the log cabin, grear colours. Aren't liberated blocks a joy? You can just have fun piecing without worrying about the accuracy.

Louise said...

Pretty quilt, and I love the colors.

Carol E. said...

Shevvy, yes.. sometimes I can hardly stand to do "regular" after enjoying liberated quilting. And thank you, Louise!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I love coming here just to look at your quilts. Then I leave, green with envy...!

Beautiful. And I'm glad you're enjoying your Spring Break. Mine just began.

quiltmom anna said...

Great quilt Carole,
I love the colors - it will be perfect for a fall day.
You could meander it quite quickly- just spray baste and go for it.
Someone is going to love your gift.
Have a great rest of your spring break. You have been very productive.
Warmest regards,