Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break: Days Two and Three

We are enjoying GORGEOUS spring weather! What a treat... often my spring break is cold and snowy. One year I even got iced-in when I went to visit my mom.

This time I went to visit my mom again, and it was so beautiful out, I walked to town and back with no jacket! Did some shopping and just enjoyed the sights in the town. Mom, at age 89, wasn't interested in walking, carrying shopping bags, and doing the last part of the hike up a steep hill. She stayed home and read the paper.

Spring has sprung!

a random scene in Minneapolis

"Maybe I can hide behind this tree."

I shopped at Ben Franklin and used this shopping basket. It's an antique, probably about my age! I just love it!

Here is the stack of old baskets. Aren't they just quaint and beautiful? Or am I weird to think so?

Can you believe this orange tux and orange shoes? I can just imagine my son renting this outfit. He could pull it off.

-- a beautiful, old sewing machine

my mom, my sister, my great-niece, et moi

I drove home with this very brisk wind blowing me sideways.

Monday evening I drove back home, and took the "scenic route" (i.e., the long way). I wanted to stop in a quilt shop I've never visited. It's not near my home, and I rarely get out in that direction. I got close but couldn't quite find it... called them to get directions, and they had closed six minutes before I called. Dang! What lousy timing!

I came home and Dear Daughter was here eating pizza with Charles. It is fun to have her around! We watched "Dancing With the Stars" together.

Tomorrow I hope to spend the day SEWING, finally. I have enough projects to keep me busy for three solid months.

I really should clean the refrigerator first..... uffda. Doesn't sewing sound like loads more fun??


Anonymous said...

I saw some yarn in the Ben Franklin basket!!!

Carol E. said...

Gram... that's more Sugar 'N Cream for dish cloths.

AnnieO said...

That's a fun outing you had there. Too bad about the quilt shop tho. Love the baskets but the tux and shoes, oh my! Even if orange were my favorite color I would not want a guy to wear it head to toe like that. Here's to sewing all day. The refrigerator can wait a little bit longer...

BrendaLou said...

Great family picture! Love, love, love the orange shoes! Today an 80soemthing lady in my Tues. morning quilting class had on bright shiny magenta & black shoes. I loved them. She said they look like gigolo shoes! What fun.