Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Quick Post Before Bed

It's late; I need to get to bed. Here are some photos of recent accomplishments and a family celebration.

blocks for Sunshine Lotto

Mom's birthday party

my niece with her niece and nephew.. (my great-niece and nephew)

.. and another great-niece, older sistr of above two

house block for quilt raffle in NYC [to support a program helping homeless find homes]


I scarf I started knitting before I had decided to return to knitting.. finally finished it after a year and a half.. I might add fringe

a scarf that I started and finished recently.. now that I'm a real knitter again

Nighty-night! Sleep tight!

1 comment:

sally in st. paul said...

hello, my e-mail is not working, so I am communicating to you this way.
I missed the meeting tonight to give you the items for your trip- but I will see you before June, I'm sure.
Love the picture of your mom.
thanks for peace pin- it is on my coat, and I hope I can soon move it to my spring coat!!!
Also, could you e-mail the group doing the house blocks. I would like to make some.