Friday, March 19, 2010

The Day Approacheth

photo is from adventuretravel dot info

We have had some nice, warm weather lately. It melted almost all our snow, and gave everyone Spring Fever. It was lovely to take walks outside and listen to the birdies sing.

Today it got chilly again, and we might get a rain/snow mix tomorrow. As the weather was getting warmer, I started to realize how close we are to the end of the school year. Before you know it, we'll be in April, and from then to the end of the year is the blink of an eye.

Therefore my big retirement day is going to be here soon. I'm sort of shocked, and yet getting excited, too. I hope to spend a lot of time making quilts, knitting, reading, and traveling. I'm starting to day dream about road trips I can take, and bigger traveling trips all over the world. Not that I have an endless budget for world travel, but I'm going to try to do some.

Wheee! It's exciting to see the day coming.

Here is where I want to go:
1) the small town where I grew up
2) the college from which I graduated
3) Canada
4) New England
5) The Grand Canyon
6) Europe, esp UK and Czech Republic
7) Botswana
8) Panama

Plus, I applied for a part-time job. I'll talk about that in another post. Meanwhile, day dreaming is giving me joy!

And thinking about missing my students is giving me sadness.

But mostly I feel joyful. June 11, here I cometh!


Unknown said...

I so want to go down the East Coast starting in New England...sadly I have no real desire for out of country travel... maybe because there is so much of the US I want to see..I am YOUNG tho so I have lots of time! lol

Sweet P said...

You don't look young enough to retire! But if you ever decide to come to New England, let me know. I'd love to show you around.

Unknown said...

Ah travel...I don't see giraffes in your wish list. My friend saw them in Botswana and said it was amazing to see them in the wild. I suppose this is the wish part for giraffes.
We went to Spain for a month. travelled by car. It was the most amazing adventure of our life and ended up staying in Paris for 5 days. There is nothing like that in North America. Travel there in February and it's cheap...
A lovely blog.

AnnieO said...

Oh! Soon you'll have the title I only dream of now---retired. Can't wait to see how you do on reaching all those wonderful places. I like your list and your plans.

Jan Mac said...

What about Australia Carol? I'd be very happy to show you around if you make it out here.I've been working night shift and I'm a bit behind with my blog reading.
Hugs Jan Mac Aussie