Monday, March 15, 2010

Week After Week

That was the week that was! (Does anyone else remember that TV show? I enjoyed it, way back when, but I barely can remember any of it now.. I still like the phrase, though.)

Busy, busy. As you could tell from my posts, I didn’t have a lot of time to write fascinating thoughts at my blog. This week will be just as bad, or worse.

I have things scheduled to do Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. A lot of it is fun stuff, but still… it takes away from my “just be at home” time.

Hubby and I finally had some “just be” time yesterday. It was so nice! We just sat in the living room and chatted about nonsense. And enjoyed comfortable silence. I worked on more knitted dish cloths. Hubby is knitting, too! He made himself a scarf, using home-made needles. And now he is working on a headband, again using home made needles, made from bamboo skewer sticks. (i.e., SMALL needles) He is very inventive when it comes to devising tools out of stuff he finds around the house.

Remember all the huge snow piles I photographed and showed you not too long ago? The month of March has been very nice and warm! Often very gray, but at least warm, with lots of rain, so the snow is almost all gone! Wow! Yesterday the temps climbed into the low 60s. Everyone was thrilled, and people were outside walking.. in shirt sleeves!! We emerged from our winter hibernation and saw each other again. I met a neighbor for the first time. They’ve only lived there – maybe 3 years? Now they have the cutest little toddler who was out exploring the world and soaking it all in. What a doll!!

Spring is so magical, and after getting dumped on this winter, we are more than ready. If I’m not posting my crazy thoughts here at Blogger, rest assured that I am outside enjoying the hints of SPRING while I run from pillar to post. Wheee!


AnnieO said...

A knitting hubby! that is so great! Sounds like you are busy but mostly enjoying it :)

The nice weather enticed a lot of folks outside. My neglected garden even got a couple of bushes trimmed and some weeds pulled. Unfortunately we did have to turn our sprinkler system back on again here in SoCalif. But it was nice to be out with the neighbors!

Anonymous said...

C: That's great that your hubby knits! I'm glad you shared that. Officer Friendly didn't knit, but he made polar fleece blankets with the tied knots. People called him the blanket angel because he donated all of them. We crafted together, too.