Friday, March 26, 2010

Dish Cloths, Again

Yep, I'm still making dish cloths. I think I have about 10 made (once I finish this green one). I have given away four. And I have yarn for another six or so. That's a lot of dish cloths in a relatively short time! I'm getting ready to move on to other projects. I hope the other dish cloth volunteers are keeping those knitting needles humming. I'm hoping we can take 50 dish cloths to Rosebud this June.

If you are a regular reader you know that I occasionally get riled up about some political issue and rant about it here at my blog. Then I quiet down again and talk about more interesting things such as quilting and knitting.

I am humbled by your comments, especially Andi who said she is a conservative reader who just skips my blog when I talk about politics. I admire that she comes back to check it out instead of just giving up on me, an obvious liberal, since we disagree on the issues. I am often not that magnanimous about reading blogs when I disagree with them. Thanks for staying on as a reader, Andi!

Really, politics kind of drives me nuts, and these days I often turn off the radio or TV when they go into detailed stories about it. It's just too depressing and causes me to feel discouraged and apathetic, which I never used to feel. I want the people with some brain power to work together and fix things. I'm so sick of the polarization and the game-playing. I think when I rant, I kind of play into the polarizing thing.

So I want to try to contain my rants. Thanks for continuing to read, even if you disagree with me.

Quilting and knitting are so much more interesting and fun. Politics doesn't hold a candle to them. I am currently on Spring Break! Yay! My first evening of the break... and I hope to spend LOTS of time finishing up some quilty projects. Stay tuned, and you might get to see the photos.

Happy Spring! Achoo!


Patrick said...

So those knit potholders that burn my hands when I use them are really knit wash cloths? That makes much more sense.

Louise said...

I agree-- it would be nice to have some brain-power in government. They are so out of touch. It's great to have hobbies...I feel sorry for those who don't have some kind of diversion to go to.