Thursday, October 22, 2009

Views of St Paul Cathedral

Check out my friend B's new blog, here:

B is a dang good knitter, fast, talented, and gives away most of what she makes. My daughter and I have been the lucky recipients of some of her knitted gems. She has also helped supply some wonderful knitted items to a charity or two that I pointed out to her. She posted a cute knitting video (about 6 min. long) that you might want to see. Super cute.

B posted a pic of the St Paul Cathedral, surrounded by fall color leaves and a little misty cloudiness. A few years ago I took a lot of pictures of the city of St Paul, and I found myself especially fond of unusual views of the Cathedral. It's a big part of the St Paul skyline, so how could I not have fun with it? I told B to watch my blog for a fall picture of the Cathedral, taken from the building in which B works. So.. here it is. Here's another one, taken last January. (This is the weather we have to look forward to... oh, joy.) Maybe you'll see more View of St Paul Cathedral in the next few days/weeks, depending on how my days unfold.

Tonight Charles and I set aside for "paperwork night." We had to fill out insurance forms (open enrollment time) and some other monkey business on paper. Charles is good at figuring it all out and just asking me to add my signature. Makes it pretty easy for me! I know. I'm spoiled.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pix of the cathedral. I luv both of them. I know exactly where that red light intersection is. Thanks for the blurb about my meager/shy blog and bout my knitting 9not so meager and not so shy). goognight gram

Unknown said...

great snowy photo... looks almost not believable..just like the upcoming winter