Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

Ayers Rock as seen from space

I did this a while back, and it was fun, so here we go again... Tuesday Trivia! Some will be very easy, some a little trickier. Try your luck! Answers will be posted tomorrow.

1) What is the capital of Vermont?

2) In which country do you find Ayers Rock?

3) What was the original name of Ayers Rock, as named by the indigenous people?

4) What large sea is between Europe and Africa?

5) In which city do you find...
[a] El Alamo?
[b] Rodeo Drive?
[c] Sears Tower? (bonus: what is the new name of Sears Tower?)
[d] Cherry in a Spoon?


hetty said...
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Carol E. said...

Thank you for your answers, Hetty! I deleted your comment, because you had all the answers right! I didn't want to ruin the surprise for any more possible comments. But you get an A+ in trivia today!!

hetty said...

Oh, cool! Can I just leave my
'I love trivia' sentence?

BrendaLou said...

i knew them all except the new name of the Sears Tower. I suppose I could look it up. I have pics of all my grandchildren with the Cherry in a Spoon!