Monday, October 26, 2009

Ever Wanted to be a Fly on the Wall?

We went out for mid-afternoon lunch/dinner on Sunday, and discovered that it was Trick or Treat time on Grand Avenue. Tons of cute little kids were everywhere, dressed in their Halloween finest.

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? I have never seen this idea as a Halloween costume! Talk about unique! Dad is the "wall," and Baby is the Fly on the Wall. Too cute! Mom was walking alongside, also, perhaps to make sure Dad didn't fall down face first. He does have a couple of eye holes there in the wall. He even noticed me with my camera and stopped so I could get this picture.

At Toy Society I signed up to do a Christmas drop. My friend in Czech Republic agreed to help me, so this toy is getting ready to be shipped and then dropped somewhere in CR for Christmas. Isn't that fun?? If no one else beats me to the punch, this might be the first toy drop in Czech Republic.

If you're interested in doing a Christmas toy drop with Toy Society, please go to the blog and sign up. The toy should be dropped the weekend before Christmas. Last year they dropped 104 toys around the world. Surely we can do more than that this year, can't we?? I'll be interested to see what our grand total will be.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that Fly on the Wall a cute costume idea! Luv ur toy for the CR. I finally made it official and signed up for the Toy Society.

BrendaLou said...

I signed up to do the Christmas Drop too a few weeks ago....How come I never thought to include a little quilt with my toy? DUH! Thanks for the idea.

Sweet P said...

I love, love, love the Fly on the Wall! What a unique idea.

woolywoman said...

Does the toy society ever hear what happens to the toys? I am worried that such cute home made toys are not appreciated, but I sure hope my worries are wrong!

Elaine Adair said...

Baby fly on the wall is just toooooo cute!!! 8-)))

Darcie said...

That is so cool!!! Genius costume designing!

I'm just doing some catching up today on some wonderful blogs. Your photos always *take me with you.* You may not be a fly on the wall...but you're a superb shutter bug! ;-)