Sunday, October 04, 2009

Church on Saturday

Yesterday I went to a state-wide conference of United Methodist Women. It was very inspirational. In fact, so much so that I decided to volunteer to become president of our local unit at church... something I thought I'd never do.

I decided to follow my mother's advice and say yes, even if I feel unqualified. She credits UMW with giving her fabulous training and experience in leadership and many other skill areas. She rose to the top of the top in her hey day, something I don't expect to do. If I live through local unit president I'll be pleased.

This is inside the church sanctuary which was built in 1956. My uncle was on the building committee back then! They have these gorgeous, very mod looking stained glass windows. I'm going to ask him if they are originals. If so, I think they were ahead of their time in 1956.

Our conference Bishop (Sally Dyck) spoke. She is so inspirational! She plugged this book which I just happen to have ordered this week, Half the Sky. It's about women around the world and the enormous burdens and suffering they endure. "As the women and girls go, so goes the village, so goes the world" said our bishop. She encourages us to read this book, if we have the stomach for it. Imagine that... some women are experiencing daily trauma that may be too hard for us to read about. How do they live through it??

By the way, Oprah was plugging the same book just the other day.

Here is the keynote speaker, whose name I can't recall. She is from the Board of Global Missions, Women's Division (hope I got that right). She was wonderful, too. Between the bishop and the keynote, and the example of my own mother, I just could not turn away from the little tug I felt toward volunteering to be president at the local level. God has a good sense of humor.

My mom received her Woman of the Year award a few weeks ago at a district meeting, and the five Women of the Year recipients were once again recognized at the state level. Here they are (minus one). My mom rocks!

Mom is in the all blue outfit.


Unknown said...

What a great tribute to your expereince! I feel the excitement in!

Is this a book we could read as a group? Or for UMW??

Jo said...

I'm just catching up on my blogging, and you have a LOVELY blog!

Those stained glass windows are absolutely spectacular. What a wonderful heritage for you.

Best of luck with your volunteering. I have a feeling they will be lucky to have you. :-)

Julia said...

We are lucky to have you as a leader in your UMW unit. Prayers and blessings to you! And thanksgivings to your mother, and you and the United Methodist Women of Minnesota.

While I am writing this from New York City, I heard it was a great day, especially the “Women of the Year” recognitions. I have the opportunity to work with your keynote speaker, Andris Salter, who heads up our membership and leadership development work. She returned here with great enthusiasm for the meeting and the area leadership.

Thanks for sharing your leadership with United Methodist Women.

Unknown said...

I agree the meeting was wonderful and I am excited it inspired you to become a new unit President. We are Blessed by your leadership in United Methodist Women.

Thank you for your kind words. I was the keynote speaker and feel so honored that you would mention me in your blog. I enjoyed being in Minnesota and truly had fun with all my new and old friends.

Take care. Andris