Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Beauty and the Beast

In honor of Halloween I decided to show you this cemetery.
It's too pretty to be scary!

Beauty: the fun things that have happened and are about to happen in my week.
Beast: the brutal schedule I've been on this week. I'm worn out and it is only Wednesday.

OK maybe I am having a pity party. My so-called brutal schedule is nothing compared to some. But I'm tired so I claim the right to whine.

I've been super busy at work all week (this is the usual these days. It has been a crazy year!) I started an on-line class and have stayed at the office extra hours to work on that. Had a couple of evening events... FUN (book group was a great discussion and lots of laughs Tuesday night) but it eats up my time.

Just my luck, today on the way to work I had a flat tire and had to drop off my car, which meant my afternoon assignment would take more time as I had to get there and back on city bus. Now I'm waiting for my car. I hope it's finished soon, because I need to fly off to church and help serve and wait tables at the turkey dinner, and turn in my items for the bazaar.

Tomorrow my MIL and SIL will fly in from Florida. My inlaws are moving back to Minnesota. I will pick them up and maybe dump them at home and then fly back to the office to have a computer web-cam conference session for my online class.

The weekend promises to be just as busy. Hubby is driving back from Florida with his dad and brother. So that'll be more arrivals at my house, and more excitement as we help them find some senior housing. This move kind of popped up very quickly. They made the decision, and BOOM - sold their home in Florida and here they are. Whoa! That was fast!!

The foreseeable future looks about as busy and tiring as this week has been. I've had no time to clean my house in preparation for the company. I hope they understand! (It won't be the first time they see my house in chaos mode, but this may be worse than they've seen before.)

Is it Saturday yet? Maybe i can sleep in... then hand out candy to the little ghosts and goblins. How about you? Are you having a Beautiful week or a Beasty one?


Unknown said...

mine has been beautifully beasty! Hows that! Work is nuts, great meeting and some weird ones too... lost of energy needed...which I am low on... but feeling good!!!

Twisted Quilts said...

You need to run away! I don't think I could handle that kind of schedule any more and I did at one time. I had an incident with my daughter on Sunday and I thought about you. I am not brave enough to blog about it. She came home and told us she was going to stay until Tuesday. I heard her talking to her boy friend Sunday afternoon and realized she was leaving. I was so hurt. Ever since she got this boy friend we rarely see her. She didn't even have the courtesy to tell me she was leaving.

Torina said...

Mine has been blissfully unchaotic. I prepared all the dinners on Sunday and each night feels RELAXING now. Even with the homework and other stuff. As for work...the end is in sight so I am just going with the flow. I don't like to be overly busy with activities (though we all don't usually have a choice) so just reading your post made me tired :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful week for me. But the roasted chicken and HUGE pan of lasagne I made on Sunday has helped reduce the "What's for dinner" stress during the week. I luv the cemetery photo. Very beautiful. As for MIL and SIL, turn the lights down, burn some candles. Maybe they won't see the chaos.

AnnieO said...

Sorta beastly, sorta beautiful, in a 60/40 kinda way every day! Thanks for sharing your week--sounds like plenty of activity for the brain :) It'll keep you young.