Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Days of Our Lives

Answers to yesterday's trivia:

Beth wins the prize for explaining why Alexandria calls itself the "birthplace of America." haha! No, she doesn't. Good guess, though. Here are the trivia answers:

1) Radar was invented in Germany, and Doppler radar in Austria (developed by a woman whose last name was Doppler!)

2) Pig's Eye

3) In 1898 the Kensington Runestone was found on the farm of Olaf Ohman, near Alexandria. The Kensington Runestone carvings allegedly tell of a journey of a band of Vikings who arrived in the area in 1362. The debate about the Runestone's authenticity continues to this day. Alexandria chooses to claim its historical truth and therefore proves that the Alexandria area was "discovered" long before Columbus arrived 130 years later.

[Just a nod to the correction of history. There was a beautiful, large land populated by many people. In 1492 a guy arrived on a ship, planted a flag, and pretended the place was now his. The inhabitants of the land "discovered" Mr. Columbus and found out they didn't much like him.]

4) Duluth

5) St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, St. Cloud

Now here is my list of what I'm thankful for:

1) my book group - nice, supportive, funny women

2) making things and giving them away
3) beautiful fall colors and sunshine

4) my job

5) my plans for the future - exciting!


Unknown said...

have a nice day

Sweet P said...

I didn't answer the trivia questions, but I did know the answer to the first question. I didn't know the quilt show alternates between cities. I'll have to keep that in mind when I plan a vacation to visit relatives.