Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

How Well Do You Know Saint Paul, Minnesota?

1) What is the official name of the "Coolest Celebration on Earth?"

2) On which day of the year does the "Human Race" take place?

3) When does the Minnesota Hmong New Year occur?

4) This award-winning writer was born and raised in St. Paul. Her father was a florist. She traces her roots back to Czech Republic. Who is she?

5) This man from St. Paul was a photographer and reporter for Life magazine and also wrote books, poetry, and plays. The newest high school in St. Paul is named after him. Who is he?

6) This actor, who was a regular on Grey's Anatomy, is from Minnesota (ummm... from that other city, Minneapolis, but I'll let him be on my trivia list today). Who is he?

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