Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wednesday Women II

Yesterday was Wednesday, and I had the lucky opportunity to eat lunch with Megan. It was weird, though, because the restaurant was so quick with the food, that it felt like we were there for five minutes. We ordered, the food came, we ate, we got the check, we stood up to leave... wait! It has only been five minutes! We didn't get time to talk!! It's weird when the service is too good.

The restaurant was super busy, so I felt funny about taking a picture of us with 4 million people sitting around. I only got a picture of my food. But here is Megan, in the red long sleeves, part of the crowd who is studying my quilt top.

Bea and I are teaching a beginning quilting class at church. I wanted them to see the top I made. It's all 4-patches and HSTs. Easy, peasy. Now that they have learned most of the quilting units, they can see how it went together. So they are studying that baby!

Here is the food I ate while dining with Megan. Last week was Greek. This week was Mexican. What will it be next week, and with whom??

Here are a couple of blocks I made this week.

And another toy.

And I got some flowers at 50% off. They'll add to the decor for the backyard wedding that is coming up. Have I said yet that I'm getting excited?? I'm getting excited!!

Today I'm thankful for:

1) sitting with Charles on our new patio, enjoying the gorgeous summer day

2) butterflies in the flowers, chirping birds, and little ants nimbly carrying big loads across our patio

3) helping others learn quilt making

4) nice chat I had with Marjorie this week

5) great discussion at book group Tuesday night


Dolores said...

Have you got your outfit and shoes for the wedding yet?
I love the colours in the quilt.

Unknown said...

Who is Marjorie, again??

I loved our discussion, too... and am anticpating the next to be good too!

Have a nice night! I need to blog...something.... I am in such a slump...I have started many... but goodness!

Jill said...

Did you eat at the place at Mendota Plaza? I've heard they're quick. I wish I could have a summer sabbatical so I could be extra-crafty!

Carol E. said...

No outfit yet, but I'm not worried. It'll happen.
Marjorie is my daughter! See profile.
Yep, Mendota Plaza. I wish everyone could get a summer sabbatical. It is refreshing to the soul.

Megs said...

LOL Lunch was quick! We'll have to think of a place with poorer service next time! :)
Thanks again for all the quilting tips! It's hard for me to be in the group during a work day - but I have been learning so much even from the little bits I am able to stop in - so fun!

Andrea, the little collector said...

I love that you're doing lunching Wednesdays! What a fabulous summer tradition! And your beginning quilt group sounds great.