Saturday, July 11, 2009

Butt-Shot Saturday

On this exceedingly gorgeous summer day, our soon-to-be-married son came over to help clean up some of our yard and the patio space where his wedding will be held. I ended up getting a lot of butt shots of the men in action. I declined to show you all of them (you've seen one butt-shot, you've seen 'em all?).

I did a little fancy stitching (via machine) on the shirt my son plans to wear in his wedding. Here's a sneak preview.

Last night I made two more blocks for Sunshine.

Today I had to run some errands for the wedding and just for our regular life. I ended up missing a surprise birthday party because of my errands and sewing duties, but I knew my attendance was iffy this close to the wedding. I hope the birthday party was fun! They had a gorgeous day for it. May we be as lucky on wedding day, two weeks hence!


Rosalyn Manesse said...

Wishing the bride and groom much happiness

Unknown said...

Man, those aren't BUTTS!, I've seen BUTTS!
Exciting heh, the wedding at your place...doesn't make any better memories than that.