Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Time!

After the wedding, I wanted hubby and me to go up to the cabin. He preferred to stay home, so I took along my pal, Beth, Beth's daughter, L---, and daughter's friend C---. Hubby missed out on a great vacation!
We had gorgeous weather, a lovely place to stay, clean and clear lake to swim in, and good books to read. What could be better? On the day that was chilly we had already chosen to do the touristy stuff - a serendipitous choice as it would have been a little cold for swimming anyway.

We visited the source of the Mississippi River which we waded across several times, ate lunch at the visitor's center, and then went into town and shopped. After a return trip to the cabin we read, napped, played cards and board games.

Too soon it all came to an end, and now we're back home to do chores and real life. Shucks. Vacations never last long enough! (P.S. Son and DIL are on honeymoon; we have heard no word from them which is a good thing. They must e having fun.)


Brenda said...

I love going to Itasca and I have pix of my kids standing by that sign and walking on the stones across the river.

Unknown said...

looks like fun!! Smile!

Sweet P said...

Lake Itasca is one of my favorite places to visit in Minnesota. Looks like you had a wonderful time.