Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fabulous Day!

The long-awaited wedding took place and everything flowed smoothly and joyfully. What a fabulous day! Perfect weather... love and joy were flowing freely... we all had a blast. Here's a wee peak at some of the events of the day.
processional-- [music by the Beatles on CD]
groom and his parents (hubby and me)

bride and her parents

the wedding at our "rock patio chapel of love"

wedding officiant is bride's father!


dancing for joy!

the (very) happy couple

reception at a city park -
food was delicious!!!

I had to make it a quilty event somehow... I gave this quilt to my SIL just because.. and a matching pillow for a good nap.

There are zillions more pictures. Some of them will show up here at my blog. Not right away, though. I'm tired!! I'm going to rest for a few days. And bask in the glow of happiness.


Julie Sharer said...

Yay!! I've been waiting all day for pictures...somehow, I thought you might just sneak away from your own son's wedding and upload a couple of pics for those of us who couldn't be there! Love your photos, as always. Looks like a great day! So happy for everyone.

BrendaLou said... looks fun and wonderful. My own Liz and Steve got married beside a little lake. She wore capris and a white eyelet blouse, carried wildflowers. I think every bride and groom should get to have the wedding ceremony they want to have. Hats off to you & her parents for letting this newly married couple have their dream! They look so happy. May God bless them with a long and happy marriage!

Torina said...

Fun and happy. The way life should begin together.

Dolores said...

They did it their way - or something like that - by good old blue eyes. May they have many happy years together.

Jill said...

What a beautiful day, Carol! I love to see couples do what makes them happy for their weddings, and not buy into what society "says" a wedding should look like. I hope you all enjoyed a day of love and good cheer :)

Twisted Quilts said...

So glad things worked out so well. What a beautiful happy couple! You can't beat young love! I hope they have many happy years together.

AnnieO said...

Nothing beats the look of love on a wedding day! Thanks for sharing all the bare-footed simplicity :)

Sharon said...

What a beautiful bride and groom. Their happiness shows through. Wishing them a very happy "ever after"!
And glad to hear that you survived it all! ;)

Clare said...

What a wonderful day. Very laid back and relaxed.

Sweet P said...

Congrats to the new couple! They had a wonderful wedding.

Elaine Adair said...

Congrats to all - to the new couple, and to the families, and to YOU for keeping it all going in the right direction. !! 8-))

Andrea, the little collector said...

Congrats to them and hooray for you. It is clear how happy you are for them! :) Lovely day.

Sue said...

Congratulations and happy thoughts to the new couple. Great way to get married.
Looks like you all had a wonderful day.

Sue said...

Forgot to say that I love the quilt you made for your SIL, it's one of my favourite patterns.

Melissa Kaye said...

WA-HOO! What great pictures and you all look SO happy! Congratulations to you and the happy couple! (I almost put their real names...oops!)

Hope you are having a blast at the cabin...see you in a couple weeks!