Friday, July 10, 2009

The Summer Lazies

The summer lazies have hit. For the last few weeks I have been busy with volunteer stints, church stuff I had to do, various meetings, and self-imposed cleaning deadlines.

I have not completed all the above, but most of the time commitments have come to a halt. And I am reeaaaallllly enjoying my free time. I'm taking it easy, moving slowly, reading a lot, sewing randomly, and being the Ultimate Summer Lazy Queen.

I don't imagine my readers would be enthralled with a detailed account of my lazy days, so here is my life, in a nutshell: the sun shines, it rains, I water my flowers, I putz around the house, I go out for lunch, I take naps, I make an occasional toy or a quilt block. That's enough detail.

And I'm slowly getting back into the cleaning mode so we can get the house all ready for the wedding... two weeks from tomorrow!

Here are pictures of blocks I have been working on sporadically:

After all that work, I think I deserve another nap. Don't you?

Today I'm thankful for:
1) summer lazies!
2) my laid-back and oh-so-sweet husband
3) naps
4) good books (I'm reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett - fabulous!)
5) a wedding to look forward to very soon!


Sharon said...

Sounds like the best kind of summer to me!

I like your blocks! Is there a plan for them?

Twisted Quilts said...

That is the perfect summer plan! Summers were made for us to be lazy.

Dolores said...

And of course, you now have your outfit for the wedding?

Anonymous said...

Your blocks are very pretty. I too have bouts of summer laziness. I blame my daughter's love affair with swimming.

AnnieO said...

Sounds delicious...I'd like a couple days like that (in a row would be heavenly!). Enjoy, enjoy. I hope the wedding is catered so you don't even have to think about that part!

Mary Johnson said...

I'm having my very own lazy days of summer and trying to enjoy them in spite of feeling guilty for not getting more done.

Hope the wedding next week goes well.

Anonymous said...
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