Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quilt for Alzheimers

Tonya challenged us to make a quilt for Alzheimers quilts. The sale of these small quilts raises money for Alzheimers research. I made mine pretty quickly, but then got lazy about finishing it. It's finally done, registered at the site, and ready to mail. At some future point this will be offered for sale, either by auction or flat rate sale. When it comes up it'll be at . If I think of it, I'll post here when it's available.

I made this in memory of my dad who died in 2002. His birthday is coming up this Saturday, December 13. He would have been 93 this year! We were lucky that his Alzheimers was a late onset, and he never got to the point of forgetting us. It was just starting to be more evident when he died of other causes.

My dad liked to watch the birds Up North at the cabin, so this singing birdie is for him. Happy birthday, Dad! I love you and miss you!


Brenda said...

it's lovely, and what a nice remembrance for your dad. I got mine finished quickly, and then kept putting off taking them to be mailed. that's my sticking point, I guess.

Unknown said...

What a nice memory of your dad!

Darcie said...

What a wonderful cause...and a darling tribute to your Dad. I think it was just meant to be that you finish it right near to his birthdate, don't you?!

Peace, Carol.

Dionne said...

It's a lovely quilt and a wonderful memory!

Tonya Ricucci said...

darling quilt. I can't talk about deadlines b/c I still haven't gotten mine sent in yet. d'oh. sorry about your dad, but glad to hear that he hadn't forgotten you.