Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Don't Want To...!

Look at this great retiree's motto! LOL!

And the cake they made for me!!!!

Nah, it isn't for me. It would be fun if it were! But sad, too, as I'm not ready to retire yet. My co-worker, another Carol, is retiring, and we had a party for her today. It was loads of fun, and she enjoyed herself immensely, even though she had insisted that we must have "NO PARTY!" I think she's glad we did after all.

Here's the youngest party-goer.

On my way home I enjoyed finding a few pretty Christmasy houses to photograph.

Are you ready for Christmas and just sitting back, enjoying the days of Advent? Or are you stressed and anxious? Try to enjoy... eat a Spritz cookie and be happy! I'm not ready, but I'm also not stressed. I know I'll be ready, and we'll have a good time. Plus, soon the weekend is here! Hooray!!

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Melissa Kaye said...

Love the pictures of Christmas lights, so festive! I'm pretty ready....would be more so if Jake, Emmy and Mari didn't have the stomach flu.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!