Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas #3

Our third and last Christmas celebration took place today. We gathered at BIL's new house, had a lot of silly laughs, ate a good and happy meal. Here you see son and fiancee talking with a niece (his cousin) in front of a quilt I made for BIL a few years ago. I must say, it's a nice quilt for how early I was in my quilting at that time.

This is the family that always ends up with something on their heads at the Christmas party. Silliness abounds.


Unknown said...

what an honor to have your quilt hanging in someones new home! Ummm so what is on his head??

Carol E. said...

tissue paper

AlaskatoIreland said...

I will have to show you pictures that show his headress evolving into a multicolored art piece.