Sunday, October 01, 2006

Changing Direction Mid-Stream

I have not worked on my letters since making it to "T" a few nights ago. I did manage to make this small quilt, however. I made the crumb blocks from scraps and slapped it together quickly with the yellow bumble bee fabric. It was a quick little quilt and will be finished by another quilter, so it makes me feel like I got something done in a short time. In the middle of thinking about quilts, I also took up some knitting!

My daughter is moving into a tiny apartment. She had a huge yarn stash and decided to sort through it. She gave a whole bunch to me which I will use and also will share with more prolific knitters than I. I started right in on the purple yarn. I think it'll become a lap blankie. I'm picturing a sweet grandma somewhere warmed by this, assuming I get it done, of course. I'm not a master knitter and tend to do better on small projects such as hats. And I no longer have a sweet grandma of my own. I'll get to adopt myself to someone else's grandma!

Very warm, sunny and beautiful day here today. "Glorious" is the best word that comes to mind.


Tonya Ricucci said...

I like the crumb quilt. The yellow and purple tie it together really well.

Dianne said...

I think the bumble bees really tie the crumb quilt together so well, Carol. Makes a simple, colorful, warm, appealing quilt. Love it.

Darcie said...

Your crumb quilt is sweet. Someone is going to give it lots of love and hugs!

Tracey in CT said...

The crumbs are so bright and cheerful! Some child is going to be thrilled!