Sunday, October 22, 2006

All About Me

I made a postcard that is my self-portrait. What can you figure out about me from this picture?


Leah Spencer said...

Oh fun! The obvious... you're a quilter.

You enjoy music. From the look of the notes, you know begining/intermediate level of playing.

Either love letters or writing is a favorite pasttime.

Red is your favorite color.

Winter is your favorite season.

You went to the Hamline University.

You know American Sign Language.

I'm struggling with the blue piece... maybe your second favorite color? That you get the blues/depression?

How did I do? ;)

Simonetta said...

Beautiful card, Carol! I love to make the postcards :))))

Anonymous said...

What a cool postcard! Love it!

Have a great Sunday..
God bless :)

Susan said...

Now see, I thought ASL probably stood for American Sewing League, or something. =) Maybe you've seen the Gee's Bend exhibit? You have an expensive sewing machine. And talent. =)