Sunday, October 22, 2006

Response to my Self Portrait Game

Interesting comments and guesses. Thanks for playing my game. Yes, I'm a quilter. Yes, I enjoy music. I have played instruments in the past, both clarinet & recorder, but currently don't play any instrument. I have also been in several choirs over the years. I love listening to music and last week attended a fantastic Minnesota Orchestra concert.

I write a lot of letters and have two trusty pen pals, one in Nebraska, one in Czech Republic.

Red? That postcard really is orange. I used to say that yellow & orange were my favorite colors. These days I love so many colors, I can't pick a favorite. I chose that orangey background because it is bright, cheery, and warm, three attributes that I like to pretend I have.

Winter is my 2nd favorite after fall. I did not attend Hamline University, but my son currently does, and I just love that school (I'm on a parent council there.)

I do know American Sign Language! I'm a sign language interpreter by profession... have done so for 24 years! It is a wonderful career.

The blue piece is a picture of a hand. Hands are important to me, both for my profession and for my avocation, quilting. Admittedly, this is a frog hand, but what the heck... it's representational.

I have only seen the Gee's Bend exhibit in books and on TV. Would love to see it in person some day.

This one puzzles me: I have an expensive sewing machine? Is that represented on my self-portrait somehow? I have a low end but very nice machine, more money than I ever thought I'd spend on a machine, but definitely not as high as one can go.

This was fun!


Leah Spencer said...

I think the "expensive machine" comment is because of your decorative stitches - my machine can't do hearts.

And it's so cool that you're an ASL interpreter! I'm profoundly deaf - I was homeschooled, but when I went to college, I needed real time captionist and occationally an interpreter. (Math doesn't "type" well). I started learning sign language when I was 15. I taught my baby sister (who's my best friend too!) how to sign and now she is working towards getting her ASL interpreter certification.

The sad part is that I live a thousand miles away from my sister and I don't have anybody to practice signing with... and I'm so rusty now! :( But I do hope to teach my kids... whenever I do have them. :)

Carol E. said...

Leah, I might be getting trained on real-time captioning soon.

YankeeQuilter said...

What a fun postcard! Why is it women are apologetic about their good sewing machines and men brag about their expensive golf clubs?!

Anonymous said...

The Ghee's Bend Quilts were in the Clevelnad Art Museum a few years ago. The display is very moving - they LIVED "use it up, make do or do without." The quilts were both utilitarian and beautiful. If you get a chance, do go see it in person. You won't regret it.