Thursday, September 28, 2006

A - T

I had a good chunk of time to sew tonight, and got more letters made. I like most of them pretty well, but might do the S again. It's fine now, but when sewn to anything else, that top strip will be awfully small. I'm thinking about a new A also. We'll see... I only had a FQ of that multi-colored fabric and I ran out. I bought it while out of town, so I'll have to look around for more. I like the way it looks in the letters and want more. TTFN, once again bedtime interrupts, but ahhhh, isn't a good sleep a wonderful thing?


Hedgehog said...

Your letters look great!!

Tonya Ricucci said...

I LOVE that Q - it's marvelous and a great way to handle a difficult letter. You're doing great!

Darcie said...

I like your "A" Carol. She's a little small...but I love the angles! Hey...A for angles.

And your "Q" is cool too. It's evident that you're having fun.

Anonymous said...

Carol, that's going to be so cute! It has "personality"!

Judy L.