Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tote Bag

I made this bag for the boutique; pictures show the two sides. I did letters by just cutting them out with scissors, like I did the small letters of my name on the sampler in my previous post. To attach these letters, I set my machine on free motion quilting and went around each letter in a not-so-neat fashion. Then I went back and zig zagged in lines through the letters to provide more stay-put-iveness. It's just one way I thought of to do it. I did the heart and the exclamation point with regular machine applique stitch.

Here's a close-up showing the two types of stitching I did. Nines told me you'd all still love me after seeing my messy laundry room. Now I'm asking you to still love me despite this unconventional method of attaching letters. By now you probably know I'm full of odd ball quirks! LOL. Anyway, look at the funny coloring! The picture that looks sort of orangey and reddish is closer to the real color. That was taken without flash. The other one that looks like the letters are purple was taken with a flash. I was surprised at the huge variance in color! The purple is way off. Here's one more photo. Are you bored yet??


Joyce said...

THe bag looks great and it's a good way to practise putting letters on in different ways. I like them both and they go with the fabrics. Don't worry about the quilt police arriving and accusing you of not doing needle-turn applique! Luckily,there's room for all kinds of sewing out there.

Tazzie said...

Very cute bag Carol ... and re the comment on my blog, of course I'll come help!

Anonymous said...

Cuuuuuuuuute bag!! You did a great job.

Do you know how I can get patterns for applique letters? I want to put some lettering on a quilt I'm making for my mom-in-law, but I can't find any alphabet patterns anywhere.

Have a great day!