Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Textile Center Part II

Here's more about the Textile Center of MN. If you missed yesterday's post, scroll down and look at that, too, so you get a look at all the photos. This first one is pretty yarn that is for sale in the store. See the sign that says you can win the $1200 item? That refers to the dress, which is the 2nd photo here.

I didn't enter the contest for this dress. I didn't even pay attention to the contest rules. The dress on me would look like putting Tinkerbell's dress on Babe the Blue Ox.

This is taken from inside the store, through some silk scarves, to the out of doors.

The mirrors in the women's bathroom... they're all different!

They have this truck that says it's textile mobile... I really don't know what they use it for. I've never seen it at any events.

The picture is fuzzy, because I did not want to use flash.. these are some display pieces. Prettier in person than my fuzzy photo can show!


Darcie said...

More eye candy! Thank you Carol!

Kimberley said...

Interesting shots and beautiful color

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all those photos, I really enjoyed seeing them!

Hope you're having a good night :)
God bless!

ForestJane said...

I agree with you about that dress... not something I'd be able to fit into... and even if I could, not my type of outfit!