Saturday, October 07, 2006

Towels & My Laundry

Nines asked for pictures of our laundry rooms, so here's mine. That big pile of stuff is not a usual thing. My daughter just moved out, and in the process, she dumped what I had sitting in the dryer into that big heap so that she could do her laundry and pack and move. It was easiest just to stay out of her way during that process. And then I had the week from h--- with work all day and stuff to do every night, so I just didn't have time to fold all that laundry. I'm not the world's best housekeeper, but I don't usually let big piles like that sit around for days on end.

Our laundry room is in the basement. We have sheetrock up, but we've never finished that room. We moved into this new house 13 years ago. We're hoping finally to finish our basement next spring/summer. Maybe we can paint the laundry room Granny Smith apple green!

The other picture is towels that my sister sent me for my birthday. I knew you'd like the colors, so I took a picture! The joys of having digital cameras... we can take pictures of towels and laundry rooms and not have to pay for developing of these unusual topics.

I have enjoyed staying up late tonight and catching up on blog reading. You are all a talented bunch, as well as entertaining and witty. Thanks for letting me become a Maverick and get in on the fun!


Darcie said...

Our home is a work-in-progress as well, Carol. I would love my laundry room to be in our lower level. That's where I am 80% of the time...machine quilting!

LOVE YOUR TOWELS!!! What a nice birthday present. Happy belated!!! I know you had mentioned that it was the end of September...and I totally forgot to say something.

Joyce said...

I love those towels. Such bright colors. I guess I'll have to clean up the laundry room a bit before I publish a picture of it. Pretty disgusting at the moment. Maybe this is the push I need to get cleaning.

Carol E. said...

No fair! I didn't clean mine up before taking a picture. I decided to bare it all to the world. Joyce, I dare you to photograph yours before cleaning! The condition of a person's laundry room does not the person's character make. (tee hee.. I tried to make that sound like an existing proverb.)

Annie said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for looking at my blog. I noticed the title of this blog and thought you might like to look at this yard art that seems, to me, to look like a seated giraffe.

Nines said...

Yes, Carol, I still love you! Hahaha! Did you notice the unfinished drywall in my laundryroom? No matter how hard I try, folding laundry just takes time- no real shortcuts! Thank you for leaving the pile just as it was! LOVE the towels, the colors are awesome! have a great weekend!Nines