Friday, October 13, 2006

Bazaar (bizarre?) Sewing

I'm in charge of a small boutique at my church. It's held on the same evening as a bigger event (turkey dinner) so the boutique isn't huge, but is a decent fund raiser. I'm trying to get some things made quickly this weekend to add to the variety of "stuff" we have for sale. The challenge is to make things that people might buy, but to offer only inexpensive items as most people don't come to the dinner wanting to do extensive shopping. All I've made so far tonight is a simple tote bag. I'm plotting and scheming how to use Tonya's letters on something. Hahaha... wait and see what I produce! This photo shows the bag I made last year (right) and the one I made tonight (left). Last year's didn't sell, so why do I think they'll both sell this year? Who knows.. maybe someone wanted a pair and will snap them up this year.

Here's the second installment of my Gratitudes List, done alphabetically.
Things I'm thankful for, "B" --
1) birthdays. I had one recently. I'd rather have one than not!
2) birds. We get a lot of beautiful song birds in our yard every summer. They make me happy!
3) blogs! I've had the fun of blogging and finding friendly, inspirational, strong women to blog with! Some good men, too!


Granny said...

I think your bags are quite cute and I'm betting they both do sell! Good luck.

On the gratitudes, I'm pretty thankful for blogs too! Birthdays .. I guess I'd rather have them than not have them too.

Judy L.

Joyce said...

The bags look great. THere is a movement to use shopping bags instead of plastic bags for groceries so maybe on of those type of people will be interested.

Anonymous said...

Cute bags! I'd buy 'em!