Friday, October 20, 2006

The Sampler Becomes a Top

All my letters and rows are put together! It was kind of putzy, because I added thin strips between most of the letters and between the rows, but it was fun to watch the rows grow into a top. I won't get to quilt it tomorrow, because I have to go to an all-day workshop. Boo hoo! (I'll take my knitting along so it's not a waste of a day.)

For the small letters, I just did raw edge machine applique, at least that's what I call it. Here's a look at the back where it's much easier to see what I did.

Thanks for the reminder, Forestjane. I meant to tell you the size of this top and forgot. It is 27" x 34". And about your other question, when I started this blog I didn't know what I was going to focus on. I should have guessed it would be quilting. I might have named it the Quilted Giraffe. Giraffe Dreams is just something I made up based on an excerpt from _Out of Africa_ by Isaak Dinesen. I fell in love with giraffes when I read that book and have been a giraffe person ever since.


ForestJane said...

Pretty cool!

What size is it?

And how did you get the name 'Giraffe Dreams' anyway? Gotta be a neat story there. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome top!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Have a great Saturday!

Finn said...

Hi Carol, thanks for stopping over at my blog, always nice to see a new face.
I love your sampler!! Your letters and the quilting stitch on the small letters look just great!!
I noticed your referance to St. Paul. Are you over there in MN and I didn't know???? Cause I'm over here in WI..not far from Hudson..*VBS* Isn't that a hoot!

I was delighted to hear you sew for WTIL...I"ve just started since this spring, and I send most of my stuff to Linda J. at Catnqlts for the Alabama group. Drop me an email if you want,and lets see how close we are? If that works for you, of course. Hugs, Finn