Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Little Quilt

I machine quilted this panel quilt.. (I only added the checkerboard top and bottom.) I did wavy vertical lines.. they don't even show up! But that's fine with me. The back is a piece I got free at a recent retreat where they had a huge pile of "free" stuff.. what a treat to find a piece large enough for a quilt back! This quilt is 39" x 52".

This one is going to Wrap-a-Smile, to wrap a child after cleft lip/cleft palate surgery.

Last weekend I had a blast in Iowa. My next post will tell you all about it.


Ann X said...

This is stunning! The colours and the patter - it's so vibrant! The only thing I would say that I would like the darker back. This back is too light for me in contrary to the heavy top.

Carol E. said...

hi, Ann. Thanks for visiting. That may be true about the back, but since it was free, I chose not to be too fussy. And it's for a child, so maybe they will enjoy a lighter back, if they think the front is too dark. I usually don't debate too much over the "free" options.