Sunday, April 06, 2014

Here's the Scoop

I guess I was exhausted... but let me back up.

Recently I posted pictures of the quilting retreat I went on. I had a lot of fun, but came home tired. Then the next day I went up to see my mom. I stayed with her for three days so I could take her to doctor appointments and help her around the house. She is doing quite well and feels good, but is tired and weak. I didn't sleep as well as usual, because I wasn't in my own bed.

And here's the scoop on my mom: we don't know much more. The biopsy they did on her liver was inconclusive, so we don't know officially if she has cancer. She does still have this large mass growing on her ovary. At her age, ovaries are usually shriveled up.. so I guess it is significant. Mom has a few options; she chose to have the local gynecologist check her out and give an opinion on the ovarian problem. That has not happened yet. She says that as long as she still feels good, she doesn't see a need to do any radical, invasive procedures at this point. So I guess her choice is to not address the possible cancer until it becomes necessary to do so, and then probably just to ameliorate the pain. I am jumping the gun a little, but this is the upshot. More waiting, and meanwhile, life is beautiful -- let's enjoy it.

I came home from mom's in a hurry, because a big snow storm was brewing. It hadn't started yet when we left the doctor's appointment, so I decided to pack up and leave and try to beat the storm home. I just made it, as the snow started to fall as I pulled into my garage at home. Whew! We got over 8 inches; I was so glad I had come home before the storm. Mom was fine and was snug and comfy in her own place.

Today I went to church, but not my own. I had heard about an artist's exhibit happening at another church, so I went. The paintings were displayed around the church, and after the service she gave a little presentation about her work. Here's one picture. I feel hesitant to show them all at my blog, since they are her work, not mine, so I'm showing you only one. I really loved her paintings! One interesting fact is, the artist is blind and only started painting after she lost her vision! She has a blog and her name is Annie Young. If you're interested, go ahead and Google her.

After all that, and I guess the worry about my mom over the last month or so, I was pretty darn tired. I took a nap this afternoon and slept for 2.5 hours!!!!! I didn't know I was that exhausted!

This is what I did after today's nap. Lotto blocks for May! (I sent April's blocks to Tammy without photographing them.)

Put this Wrap a Smile top together from blocks my sister gave me. I remember these blocks. They are from a block lotto that I used to be in charge of, years ago, and my sister apparently won the "florals" month. I have many more of them... more tops to follow.

And another week begins...good-bye, weekend!


Anonymous said...

If I were in my 90s I'd be making very similar decisions as your mom is making. Maybe even in my 70s. But waiting is not easy. Hugs.

Paula, the quilter said...

Every time I try to nap, I end up sleeping for hours. I guess I'm just not a napper.

Unknown said...

It is a blessing that your mom is of sound mind enough to make the choices. I had to make very difficult choices for my mother. Not easy to do.
I know that this is spring, but goodness all that snow we are still getting. Our little lake is still frozen. Last year we were sitting on the deck for lunches. Crazy winter. and Crazy spring.