Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Love Quilts!

Newsflash: I love quilts! Surprised?

These first two are my Hands2Help Challenge donations this year. I have decided that this first one, which is completed, will go to Quilts of Compassion. It is 39" x 54".

This next quilt, which is not yet completed, will go to Happy Chemo. It is about 56" x 80". This quilt is made from a block I made up. I call it Minnesota Nice. I don't know if it really is a new block design; it's very similar to existing blocks, and is made of traditional block pieces, but I like to pretend it's my own invention. I got borders on it today, and a friend has volunteered to machine quilt it for me. (She herself is a cancer survivor so felt moved to do this as a donation to Happy Chemo.) It won't be done until close to the deadline, June 1st. (I'll definitely post it again when it is done.)

Here are more quilts!

It looks fancy, but it's a pre-printed panel. I just added the checkerboard top and bottom borders.

This is a doll quilt made in the Quilt As You Go method, which I did not enjoy enough to repeat.

...a doll blankie that I knit, and another doll quilt, front and back.

... not a quilt, but it was a fun idea I learned from another Carol. It's "get well soon prayer flags." I sent this to a former co-worker who is in the hospital with two brain aneurysms! I sent it in that home-made envelope.

This is a quilt I made for my newest great-niece, now 2.5 months old. I'm hoping to get a picture of her with this quilt.

I made a pie from scratch, using my new book, Ms. American Pie by Beth Howard. This pie is delish!

Go here and scroll down past the tutorial to see more quilts (in progress and/or finished) being made for the H2H Challenge.


Karen said...

Awesome H2H quilts. They will be loved and treasured. You have been busy.

tink's mom said...

great quilts. love your block it worked up into a lovely quilt.