Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knitting and Other Stuff

Recently I decided that most of my day-time hours (when I'm home) will be for quilting, and evening will be saved for knitting. This is a flexible rule which I can break as I see fit, but having it in my mind gives me a nice routine to follow, which I am enjoying.

I finally finished a prayer shawl for my church. I'm not crazy about it, but it could be worse, I guess. At least it's done. I have started on a pretty red one now, which I will enjoy working on much better.

Here are three dish cloths I have knitted. I want to have a bunch of these ready for Christmas 2014, and at the rate I'm going, I won't have very many. Better increase my production rate!

While I sew, I save scraps and put them into a home-made bag such as this. When it is full, I sew up the final end, and it will become an animal bed for the Humane Society. A woman at my new guild will deliver it for me. This one, being small, will be for a cat, I assume.

This is a pillow that I sewed a long time ago, and finally hand-sewed the closed end together. I'm not sure what this is for.. maybe for my own sofa, or maybe I'll donate it somewhere. It's not gorgeous but is utilitarian and will last forever (strong fabric).

And there is even some quilting to add to this post. Yesterday I spent the day machine quilting and binding this quilt which I only made last weekend. It is rare for me to finish one that quickly, though I wish I would make a habit of that. It feels great to make one from start to finish in a short time! This one will be donated through the Hands 2 Help Challenge for which I have a button in my sidebar. Read about it and tell me which of the three charities you think I should donate this one to! Here it is, front and back. It measures 39" x 54".

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Anonymous said...

What's that giraffe doing on your quilt? ;-). Such happy fabric! I love your knitting schedule, too!