Wednesday, March 06, 2013

We Belong to Each Other

Can you help some great causes?

First is at String Thing Along blog. She is suggesting that we make half-log-cabin-string blocks. Instructions are at her blog, along with a picture. Super easy. What she needs is a volunteer to collect the blocks and make them into a donation quilt. Please follow the blog link to read the details.

Second is an on-going movement called Love Flash Mob. I just found out about this and am enthralled. The blog author (Glennon) posts a story that needs our attention: a homeless pregnant teen who needs housing, a woman who needs medical help so that she in turn can help her children, etc etc. The idea is a Flash Mob of love -- we each make a donation, but maximum you can donate is $25. It's supposed to be a lot of small actions adding up to a huge flash mob of love. It works, and it's so exciting!

Third, a little less on the serious side, is a quaint and beautiful post office in Vermont that is scheduled to close. A woman who is an artist is asking for postcards, to crank up the flow of mail through that post office in hopes of keeping it open. People are sending beautiful art-cards, and she scans them and posts them online. Here's a link:

And here is a picture of the postcard I sent. It says "My favorite things: books, quilts, lakes, letters/postcards/post offices, libraries, photographs, friends/family & cookies!"

I love finding ways to participate in people helping people. As Glennon at Momastery blog says, "we belong to each other."

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Brenda said...

thanks for the shoutout, Carol. you're right, doing good is important, and it doesn't always take a lot of effort.