Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm Sensing a Pattern Here

I'll tell you a well-kept secret: I like to play with fabric scraps. Was that even a secret? Actually, not at all, and especially not after looking at the three quilts below. I like having these three quilts all lined up to show you my sewing "M.O." Proof that scraps and I get along. (Some people call this scrap-sewing method "dump and sew" - dump out the scraps, sew them together. That's pretty much how I love to kick back and have fun.)

This green one is headed to Margaret's Hope Chest. It was beautifully quilted by Diane.

This is the red one I already showed you. It was quilted on a long-arm at a local shop. It is still waiting patiently for its binding.

This blue one was made 100% by me - I even quilted it! I gave this one to my great-nephew. He's the one on the sofa, not exhibiting too much interest, which is totally what I expected. How could he know how we adults value quilts?! His mom and grandma were excited, though...

...and he did turn to his friend and say "don't you wish you had one of these?" so I guess he liked it, though I hope his friend didn't feel bad. I almost offered to make one for his friend and then wisely thought better of it.

I made progress on other sewing this weekend, too, and will show you photos in the next couple of days.


Brenda said...

these are all great!

joe tulips said...

All the quilts are wonderful...and the picture of your nephew looking at the quilt is adorable. His comment to his friend says it all. He DID like it!