Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Oldest Quilt on Mom's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my mother! She is 92 years old today! Wow, time flies. I still feel like MY mom isn't old... but anyone else who is in their 90s is definitely old. And it's easy for me to think that, because my mom is still pretty "together" for being 92. She tires easily these days, but she still looks and sounds younger than she is.

We will be visiting Mom and celebrating her birthday in a few days.

On the subject of old, here is a quilt that is very old and yet new. I participated in a block swap back in 2000. I have no memory of who organized the swap. We were supposed to make floral blocks and sign them with our name and a little ditty about friendship. The blocks come from USA, New Zealand, and Canada. A year or two after this block swap, a woman in my guild (she hasn't been a member of our guild for many years, so I know this was a long time ago) taught us how to make the appliqued floral block in the center. I knew right away that I'd want to use it as a center, surrounded by these floral swap blocks. (And my center block is kind of laughably poorly done, but I really don't mind. I kinda like it; I used my usual "this is how I do it, and that's good enough" technique.)

The whole pile sat around unfinished for many years. I finally got the top assembled, maybe 3-5 years ago, then it sat some more. This year I finally had my friend, Diane, quilt it, and tonight I put on the binding. Thirteen years in the making, here is a humble little floral lap quilt. What to do with it is my next decision. I promise I won't wait another 13 years before I decide!


Lorna said...

OK, U got me on the blog title ---only to find that you're not going to write about giraffes! I like the look of your blog. I just began mind last week and hope you drop by. Meanwhile. those quilts are lovely; I think my favorite is the one at the very top with the mostly-white reverse side. The third one down slightly resembles one that was gifted to me years and years ago.
-Lorna from amuseintime.blogspot.com

Carol E. said...

Hi, Lorna. You're not the first person to stumble across my blog, hoping to read about giraffes! There's a reason I named it Giraffe Dreams, but it's not because I only write about giraffes, as you discovered. Thanks for visiting, and I'll be sure to visit your blog, too. (Can you get your email changed so it's not a "no reply" email?)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your mother. 92! Good for her.

Carol E. said...

Thanks, gram. :-)