Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mom's Party

One of my sisters came to town and the other went out of town. So it was left to just two of us to help celebrate our mom's 92nd birthday. We had a fun party and ate good food with yummy chocolate cake. We even got to see a niece who we thought was already on a business trip; turns out she was leaving later that day. Seeing her was a special treat.

niece and great-niece couldn't stay for the party, but we got to see them beforehand

great-niece ADORES books and becomes totally enthralled when her mommy reads to her

Mom had 9 + 2 candles for 92.

We gave our mom a cell phone. Her great-granddaughter helped her get some numbers logged in. Later we took some time to do a methodical step-by-step lesson of the very basics. Hopefully she'll remember to keep the phone with her and will keep it turned on so we and she can use it.

On our way back home we stopped at a quilt shop and picked up a quilt I'd had them finish for me. It turned out so pretty; I hope to get it bound very soon and will show it to you as early as tomorrow. I'll definitely have that shop do more quilting for me. They did a nice job.

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Anonymous said...

I can see the resemblence to your mother. Best wishes to her!