Sunday, March 03, 2013

Decisions Made

Today I made some decisions about where to send some of my quilts. This is one of my harder decisions; I make a lot of quilts, and there are so many deserving places to whom I would love to send quilts. I just can't donate to them all, so decide I must. This is what I decided:

I announced recently that this quilt (above) was going to Bundles of Love. I changed my mind. I decided to send it to Margaret's Hope Chest for the mothers and babies in the post-partum depression program.

This is a lap-size quilt (above) for a mother in the Margaret's Hope Chest program. I wish I had a bigger one to send, but the closer-to-twin sizes that I have are all pretty juvenile, using fabric with pictures of dinosaurs, fishies, bicycles, etc... too kid-friendly and not enough adult-friendly. This quilt was put together in 2008. One of the blocks shows the date. It has never been used, however. I hope the mother who gets it doesn't think it's someone's cast-off.

This quilt has a destination in mind, but for now that destination remains a secret!

It feels good to have decided. Now I just need to find a box to send these two to Margaret's Hope Chest.


beth said...

I love all of the them...but the last one is my favorite! ;)

AnnieO said...

They are all beautiful, Carol! You are most generous with your quilting skills and I have no doubt your work is most appreciated by those who receive your colorful creations.

Louise said...

They're bright and interesting quilts, and look great with your snowy backdrop!