Thursday, March 14, 2013

Very Red!...and other colors

This red quilt is VERY RED! I love to use up scraps of one color, but when they're all red, it can seem like too much. Without the low volume sashing strips, this top would make my face pucker. I recently got it back from the machine quilter. I have not bound it yet, but I couldn't wait to show it to you. When the quilt is flopped on top of a bed like this, with comfy looking little curves and air pockets, I love this quilt. When it's hanging straight and 'flat' on a wall, I don't like it as much. I am happy that I love how it looks on a bed. It makes me want to flop down here with a good book.

Recognize the backing fabric? Someone in blogland used it, and I liked it for my red quilt, so I ordered it, too. Unlike that organized person, however, I cannot remember where I ordered it, so I can't refer you to it. I don't even remember who inspired me with this backing fabric!

I'm still trying to decide where this quilt will go. Keep it? Give it away? This household does not need another quilt, yet I am very fond of this one, so... I'm tempted to keep it. (I think if you click on the picture you'll be able to see it a tad larger, and it will show itself off better.)

This is my friend, DM. She is our quilt guild president and has been tolerating cancer treatments. This was the first meeting she was able to attend in several months. She was brave enough to take off her hat when she got hot, and during our chat time, she and her bare head went around to every little table and group to visit with all of us. She is such a sweet and pleasant person. She makes me happy! If you want to, could you say a little prayer for her battle against cancer? I so hope this all turns out well.

This is my sneak peek view of the March doll quilt I made (see button in my sidebar for Doll Quilt Swap). My partner this month is Pat, who is also a co-member of Sunshine (see button in sidebar for Sunshine). We already know each other from Sunshine, and then we got partnered up at Doll Quilt swap. The fact that I already know Pat made me a little nervous while making this quilt. Since she knows my quilting style, she may have "expectations!" Made my knees knock together just a little. (Oh, and this nervousness is all on me. She did not say a thing that should have inspired my fear; it's just the way I am when I make quilts for people I know.) I think she'll like it. I can only show you this completed quilt after Pat receives it in the mail.

Today I made these 4 blocks for the March Lotto at Sunshine. I have four previous blocks that were so boring. I didn't want to just send those. With these more interesting ones, I now feel satisfied and can send the blocks on to Tammy to work her magic on Sunshine quilts.

Special Note: if you feel like looking at some fun quilt photos, take a peek at my local quilt guild blog. I have a button in my sidebar labeled Dakota County Star Quilters. At our March meeting we had a parade of quilts we are donating to a local entity.. such beautiful quilts! Have fun gazing upon them. None of them is by me, although I helped work on parts of some of them.

P.S. Knitnoid just let me know that the backing fabric I bought was at Connecting Threads (thanks, knitnoid). Here is a link: FABRIC


Nifty Quilts said...

Your red quilt is a delight! So warm and cozy. I would curl up with it too!

Anonymous said...

I like the red quilt, too. Looks like the Teddy Bear does too. Great photo!

Pam in KC said...

I just stumbled upon what appears to be the backing fabric at Connecting Threads.